Our History

One-of-a-Kind Expertise Leveraging AI for Industry

An encounter, an improbable place, an idea, a vision of the future and a spark. An enterprise created from nothing. Less than 10 years later, the creation of a market, the emergence of a world leader – independent – and a unique product.

The encounter: Laurent, Sylvain, and Hélène, 3 engineers from the industrial world

The improbable place: a garage in a lost corner of Auvergne, France

The idea: a considerable amount of data is handled in factories with no possibility of being intelligently exploited. Could a tool be imagined being able to sort complex data, to understand the millions of variables in an industrial production history so as to improve its performance?

The vision of the future: power will be in the hands of companies that have the knowledge and control their industrial processes. A considerable part of their profits will come from effective production intelligence.

The spark: creating a technology that makes it possible to understand and repeat what works rather than merely explain what does not. A tool that transforms Big Data into exploitable, contextualized data; a tool to manage the production in real time: Braincube.

For more than 10 years, we have paved the way for artificial intelligence in the industrial world. The garage of our beginning has gotten bigger but we are still in a small town in the countryside. Many engineers and technology enthusiasts have joined us. North America, South America, Asia, Scandinavia – our branches are all over the world. 50% of the industrial groups in the CAC 40 are already Braincube users. The market leaders are always out in front to scout the tools that will become the standards of tomorrow: naturally – they’re leaders.

Between 2007 and 2018, Cloud, Big Data, IoT or IA concepts boomed. Everybody was talking about it. Very few really knew what it was about. Braincube delivers to the operating environment the operational infrastructure of a closed-loop, continuous improvement program that can actually deliver results; not for one project, but for your total process management. It’s a revolution in the world of industry and the basis for a future standard in production management.

We keep the start-up spirit of our early beginnings: flexibility, continuous radical innovation, and atypical positioning in the market. We are experiencing exponential growth. We hire the best specialists. The major global integrators have selected and disseminated our product among all the offers on the market. Yet, we remain independent and our entrepreneurial spirit endures.

It is our commitment and our promise. And it can be proven every day.

Creation of IP Leanware, rebranded Braincube

First Braincube Customer

Launch of Braincube big data platform with scalable architecture in private cloud

Creation of Subsidiaries in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and in the US (Wisconsin, moved to Maine)

Launch of MX Brain middleware for real time modeling of data in cloud

Patent issued on manufacturing process diagnostics technology

Launch of Braincube Live for real time job directives app

Engie Cofely Services selects Braincube as its energy optimization solution branded Blue

Partnership with OSIsoft world leader in real time data infrastructure

Braincube first official cyber security audit by certifying authority

CapGemini selects Braincube as its Manufacturing Intelligence solution

BCG selects Braincube to integrate its Innovation Center of Operations ecosystem

Launch of Braincube IOT for plants data connection

Siemens chooses Braincube as its partner for IoT and AI applications on MindSphere or its Edge solutions.

Braincube celebrates its 10th anniversary. Braincube was a pioneer in 2007 and has now become the leader in AI for Industry.


Engie, world energy player, uses Braincube technology in its Blu.e digital energy management platform in industrial installations.

Capgemini, a world leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services has selected Braincube as its Manufacturing Intelligence solution for its clients.


OSIsoft, world leader in real-time collection and storage of data from third-party systems or sensors, has partnered with Braincube to offer an innovative solution for the use of collected data.

Siemens Mindsphere

Discover the Braincube’s presentation during Forum Management 2016 of our patner Siemens France: Braincube – Siemens France

GE Predix


La French Fab



Braincube is participating in the creation of new standards with France’s standards body AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation).

Braincube joined ANRT (National Association for Research and Technology) in 2014.

Braincube is a member of the OPC Foundation, developing its softwares according to OPC standards to access to access the data of its customers in real time.


Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is one of France’s 10 metropolitan regions. Located in central France in the Massif Central mountain area.

Banque Publique d’Investissement has provided support for Braincube in its development projects. Braincube has been awarded the BPI Excellence label.

In partnership with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the European Union supports Braincube’s development and growth.


INSERM, France’s only public research body dedicated to human health, uses Braincube in a Big Data project to analyze biomarkers in kidney transplants.

LIMOS, the computing, modelling and system optimization laboratory of France’s national research council (CNRS) is presenting a thesis initiated by Braincube on performance simulation.

ASM Clermont Auvergne is a Rugby Union team who plays in France’s Top 14 rugby league and in the Champions Cup. In partnership with, Braincube is developing a Big Data cloud solution to centralize and analyze preparation, health and sports data for ASM Clermont Auvergne.

Braincube supports the development of programming in Java and is one of the leading sponsors of Java User Club d’Auvergne.

Braincube and Puy en Velay are working on a smart city project to develop innovative uses to better manage cities and communities.