How IIoT solutions improve manufacturing

4 hidden benefits you need to know to stay future-focused

Access 20+ case studies across multiple manufacturing industries showcasing the transformative powers of IIoT platforms

IIoT solutions are powerful manufacturing technologies that facilitate Industry 4.0’s move to interconnectivity and Internet-enabled hyper-automation. As more and more manufacturers undergo digital transformation, IIoT platforms are a logical technology choice that advances the move to a digital environment. 

As IIoT platform experts, we get a lot of manufacturing executives asking us to explain what ROI IIoT platforms typically yield. We’ve learned this question isn’t as straightforward as it appears.

ROI is still good information to consider and track as part of implementing IIoT. However, we challenge you to consider a larger and more impactful question: how do IIoT solutions benefit manufacturing companies at the enterprise level? 

iiot-white-paper In this white paper, you’ll:

  • Learn the basics of what an IIoT platform is and its foundational value in digital transformation
  • Get an in-depth look at the top four IIoT value-focused benefits, showcasing how IIoT solutions improve day-to-day manufacturing as well as transform an entire organization
  • See how IIoT platforms bring seismic changes to manufacturers, reshaping how they operate, move forward, and empower employees at every level of the company
  • Access 20+ case studies across multiple manufacturing industries showcasing the transformative powers of IIoT Platforms

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What is an IIoT Platform?

Driven by the need to identify, analyze, and optimize industrial data, many manufacturers are considering (or have already adopted!) an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform. But what exactly is an IIoT Platform and how will it work within your organization?

Proven 4.0 success:
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Over 1,800 manufacturing lines around the world are using Braincube’s Smart IIoT Platform. A wide variety of industries have had tremendous success with their Industry 4.0 goals using our designed-for-manufacturing tools. Here are their success stories, complete with ROIs and unexpected benefits.

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