Braincube’s Electronic Batch Record

Streamline batch manufacturing and accelerate traceability with the EBR App from Braincube

Designed for highly regulated industries, the Electronic Batch Record (EBR) App automates how you digitize, monitor, and collaborate on each step of your batch production. The app makes it simple to comply with specs and regulations in real-time by displaying specific standards with frontline workers for each part of your production. In turn, employees across teams can be sure the latest specs and procedures are being used. 

The EBR App also automatically generates a report showing every detail of the actual production including the weight of each ingredient, the time in each vessel, packaging information, and more. This historical record of production events allows your team to more easily associate events to specific outcomes, making EBR the ultimate tool for lifecycle traceability.

The EBR App can be added to any app package. It requires the Braincube IoT Server for Edge Computing.

Leverage the Braincube EBR App to:

Ensure batch specifications are met with live, real-time instructions.

Automate alerts when a critical event occurs or execution approvals are needed.


Instantly record every step of production for easy traceability at scale.

Customer Benefits

  • Easily access production batch data to drive more efficient operations 
  • Reduce paper on the shop floor and improve reporting accuracy
  • Automate and customize reports to better view compliance rates, saving time and improving throughput
  • Improve cross-team collaboration between the shopfloor and managers

Get started with EBR

The chemical company was losing money on high operating costs and struggling with dropping customer satisfaction. Long delays in data retrieval frustrated teams tasked with improving processes. They leveraged Braincube’s EBR App to reduce operating costs by 7% and increase their throughput by 8%.

Learn how Braincube’s IIoT Platform powered by ready-to-use apps can help your team improve operations.

IIoT has been key to making quick decisions. It has also helped us to communicate information between workers throughout the operations line now that data can be displayed on any monitor, removing the need for phone calls and many paper forms.

— Stephen Stephens, Manufacturing Engineer at GAF