What is an IIoT Platform? [VIDEO]

See how an IIoT platform works to centralize your data by bridging the gap between systems, people, and machines.

You know your data is your biggest asset, but how do you make sure it’s helping you advance your business goals?

It starts with centralizing your data through an Industrial Internet of Things Platform, or IIoT.

With Braincube, we start by connecting your factory—bridging the gap between systems, people, and machines. That data is then centralized, usually in a cloud, but sometimes also on prem or on edge, so that everyone on your team has access to the information they need to excel. And our advanced applications were designed to make industrials lives easier through apps focused on the things that matter most: Data visualization, analysis, centerlining, and more.

Use dashboarding and live tools to monitor your operations from anywhere in the world and push those changes live directly to the shop floor.

It’s you, but faster, better, and stronger.

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