LISTEN NOW: AI, Digital Twins, and the Future of Manufacturing

Laurent Laporte, Braincube CEO, on Emerj’s “Artificial Intelligence in Business” Podcast

On this episode of Emerj’s AI in Business podcast, Braincube CEO and co-founder Laurent Laporte and host Dan Faggella run through hot topics in manufacturing including Machine Learning, Digital Twins, and digital transformation.

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin built by Braincube is a contextualized data model of one of your production lines.  We extract data from your existing systems (ERP, Historian, etc.), create a time-based association for each variable, and build a continuously updated model of your production line, at the product level.  This allows you to move from time-based association analysis into production-based analysis so that you can optimize, innovate, or improve customer satisfaction using your data.

Your Digital Twin will allow you to move from a rough approximation of what might be happening to understand what is happening and what would happen if. We take into account time lag, flow, and incorporate relevant parameters from raw materials to finished product. Because this data is continuously structured through our middleware, you will always be able to see your production in real-time.

At the end of a product’s production cycle, the Digital Twin provides you with batch and/or product traceability. This provides you with insight into the exact conditions that were used for a specific roll of paper, a batch of tires, or a set of shingles. 

More on Digital Twins in Manufacturing

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