Gartner Research: “What Data and Analytics Leaders Need to Know and Do About Digital Twins”

Gartner estimates that by 2025, “25% of new data and analytics investment in large enterprises will be directed toward implementing and supporting digital twins.”* This means that many Data and Analytics (D&A) leaders will need to play a very active role in the implementation of Digital Twins at their organization (if they aren’t already). But what benefits do Digital Twins bring to D&A teams and why should they want to get involved?

In this Gartner report, “What Data and Analytics Leaders Need to Know and Do About Digital Twins,” we believe that D&A leaders can learn how to work with operational and product teams to set their organization on a successful path towards digital transformation.

The report shares ways for Data and Analytics teams to include Digital Twins in their team objectives, work with other company stakeholders, build more flexible metadata management capabilities, and improve governance. 

“As business leaders’ desire to leverage digital twins in support of business outcomes increases, D&A leaders who include digital twins as part of their strategy will be best positioned to capitalize on that demand and deliver value.”* We believe this research can help D&A leaders learn how to successfully incorporate Digital Twins into their own strategies and improve the use of Digital Twins throughout an organization.

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*What Data and Analytics Leaders Need to Know and Do About Digital Twins, Ted Friedman, Alfonso Velosa, 8 March 2021

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