Gartner Research: “Improve Critical Business Outcomes With Real-Time Data-Driven Insights”

There is a lot of hype around the value of “real-time” data. But is it just a trend, or can real-time data truly impact company-wide goals and objectives?

In this Gartner report, “Improve Critical Business Outcomes with Real-Time Data-Driven Insights,” we believe executive leaders can learn the real value of Edge data. The report focuses on planning recommendations, how to break down boundaries to information, and using prescriptive analytics to improve business decisions.

 “Executive leaders can use real-time analytics to take advantage of business opportunities and disruptions in customer interactions and business processes.”* We believe this research can help executive leaders understand how—and why—to integrate real-time data across an entire organization. 

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*Improve Critical Business Outcomes with Real-Time Data-Driven Insights, W. Roy Schulte, 21 January 2021

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