Data Standardization Increases Flexibility

Saint-Gobain Weber Achieves Flexible Production with Braincube

“For us, Braincube produced an almost immediate effect,” said the Production Manager at one of the most important Saint-Gobain Weber France manufacturing sites.

He still remembers the integration phase that impressed him so much. His factory converted to a connected Industry 4.0 factory using Braincube in January 2019. This recent experience makes it fairly easy for him to recall his team’s integration. 

He remembers how, shortly after Braincube launched, the software produced “miracles” in no time at all.

In just a few clicks, Braincube revealed a number of anomalies within our production line.

— Production manager at Saint-Gobain Weber France

“Once the information was analyzed, potential improvements were identified. [Braincube] suggested adjustments and actions that we could take. In the past, it took us a whole day to analyze far less complex databases. But now, in just a few minutes, we benefit from our investment in very specific ways.”

The Saint-Gobain Group is closely following the partnership between Saint-Gobain Weber and Braincube. This type of digital transformation project may be of interest to other manufacturing sectors within the Group.

“Deploying a solution like Braincube, which has already proved itself at one of our other production sites, could bring a greater return for all areas within Saint-Gobain Group,” says the Manufacturing Director of Mortar Specialists, better known as Weber.

The Saint-Gobain Weber group understands that Braincube will not fix all their problems or solve their challenges instantaneously. However, when paired with the talented engineers and operators working at Saint-Gobain Weber, Braincube helps power rapid changes in efficiency and internal projects.

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Saint-Gobain Weber’s Motivations for 4.0 Transformation


AI and Machine Learning help teams make faster, more efficient decisions at every level of the company.



A clean, structured data set is the cornerstone of a successful digital transformation. Access to accurate data provides compounding benefits as teams uncover new opportunities over time.



Saint-Gobain Weber improved their product quality and minimized resource waste by focusing on qualitative, not quantitative, efforts. 

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