Customer Spotlight: Building Materials

Challenge: Optimizing Product Material Composition

Braincube’s building materials customer prides itself on best-in-class innovative products, manufacturing technologies, and sustainable solutions for its customers. As part of their digitalization efforts, they wanted to uncover new ways to make use of the monster data they collected from production.

In order to properly optimize one of their material recipes, the team brought in a series of new tools to help them better understand how to control their process variability. One of these changes included installing a device that gave operators greater control over one of their roofing product’s material composition. 

However, even with this new device, the teams had trouble maintaining the correct temperature for the mixture—a critical element for the production process. 

Solution: Uncovering the Root Cause 

As part of their digital transformation journey, the building materials company implemented Braincube to provide them with a real-time look into their process. The company wanted to instantly analyze and visualize data generated by the production line so their engineers could identify and resolve variability.

Together with the building materials customer, Braincube built a responsive Digital Twin of the roofing material production process from raw material to finished product. This contextualized data model gave them an all-encompassing dynamic, digital replica of their physical production flow.

Through their Digital Twin, Braincube’s business intelligence apps provided the customer’s experienced process engineers with the resources and tools they needed to uncover the root cause of their temperature challenge. What they found was something quite unexpected.

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