ABTCP 2022

Brazil Customer Case Studies


Sappi needed a Cloud and Edge platform solution that enabled them to set governance standards at the enterprise level to reach their sustainability goals. This is a story-based case study — not metrics-driven.

Topics: Digital twins, scalability, RapidMiner integration, data science, sustainability

Paper Sustainability White Paper

This white paper covers the state of sustainability for paper and packaging manufacturers in Europe and the United States. Learn how Industry 4.0 tools help paper and packaging companies tackle three key sustainability challenges: reducing energy and water consumption; perfect product traceability; and developing new eco-friendly recipes.

Topics: Reducing energy, optimizing water consumption, traceability, sustainability, BI Apps

Votorantim Cimentos

Votorantim already had established initiatives for Industry 4.0, primarily focusing on maintenance, monitoring equipment, and using measurement systems. However, they wanted a digital solution that allowed them to better leverage their use of data.

Topics: Digital Twin, CrossRank AI, Live, Quick Study, Cement

Steel manufacturing company illustration showing steel mill machines connected to computer

Steel Company

Steel Company X*, one of the largest steel producers in Brazil with over 20,000 employees, chose Braincube to help their digital transformation process. Download the case study to learn how they achieved 20x ROI and saved over $1.4 million using Industry 4.0 tools.

Topics: Quality, Traceability, Cost Savings, Digital Twin, Steel

Steel manufacturing company illustration showing steel mill machines connected to computer

Steel White Paper

Discover six ways that steel manufacturers can use Industry 4.0 tools to meet today’s difficulties and lessen the impact of future challenges: 1. siloed data and processes, 2. unifying global IT infrastructures, 3. minimizing quality defects, 4. improving customer satisfaction, 5. increasing efficiencies, and 6. innovating products and reduce waste.

Topics: Quality, Innovation, Connectivity, IT, Digital Twin, IIoT Platform, Steel