Avril executes on its digitization efforts and drives progress forward.

A Digital Twin of Avril’s production line drives new discoveries and progress in digitization efforts.

In the last 20 years, Avril has made great strides towards reducing energy consumption for its oilseed and protein processing. Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing practices helped them make significant progress to optimize their production processes. Eventually, these techniques resulted in an improvement plateau as the company had maximized the human capabilities for continuous improvements using the data generated by its equipment.

Exterior of Avril factory

Avril’s production processes are incredibly complex, generating anywhere between 700-1000 different parameters in each of their processes. Understanding the most important parameters (and the relationship between parameters) wasn’t possible using their existing tools. The data volume was simply too large for Avril’s team to make the necessary calculations in a timely manner.

Exterior of Avril factory

They used their historical data to build a Digital Twin of their production line—from raw materials to finished product—to help them uncover new optimizations. Their implementation of Braincube led to better sales and storage predictions, individualized dashboards for employees to track relevant KPIs, and the autonomy to make continuous improvements based on changing business and economic needs.

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For over 35 years, Avril has grown and produced oilseeds and proteins. Avril’s focus on a sustainable, circular economy drives its business model. They reinvest all their profits into the growth of its agroindustrial sectors, including French farmers.



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