Democratized Data Improves Efficiency and Collaboration at Owens Corning


Owens Corning was experiencing frequent, but inconsistent, jams on their roofing shingle production line. The team had trouble predicting the jams and wanted better access to real-time process data.  


Braincube structured the data and built a digital twin. Owens Corning’s engineers found the right parameters using the digital twin and Braincube’s plug-and-play apps. The implemented changes resulted in a 165% return on investment (ROI) in only 6 months.

Owens Corning continues to find new, revolutionary uses for Braincube across the organization, ranging from the plant floor to the corporate office.  

“As we learned Braincube’s capabilities, the discovery about applications and where it may best be applied actually became a larger set of opportunities.”  

Chris Jackson, Director of Process Stability at Owens Corning

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