How Does It Work?

What if your factory made chocolate?

When you make a chocolate cake, you always use the same recipe with the same ingredients, the same pan and the same oven. But some days the cake turns out better than others. Why?  The answer lies in the following questions:

  • What happened that day?
  • In what order were the ingredients added?
  • How long were they mixed?
  • How hot was the oven?
  • Did you use a wooden or metal spoon?

Braincube’s artificial intelligence uses all this production data, even the subtlest and the hardest to see, to help you ensure you can repeat the best of your past.

Imagine the same thing on an entire production line, in an entire factory, in ten factories.

Consolidate Your Data

Enrich Your Data with Its Context

Production data is stored in different systems and in different formats. Braincube collects it and links it by applying dynamic time offsets based on a model specific to your process. Your raw data is constantly put in its context and is ready to be analyzed.

Store and Protect All Your Data

Take advantage of the most advanced cloud technologies to store an unlimited amount of data in an ultra-secure system.

Make your data instantly accessible

We eliminate the long and costly time needed to select, extract, transfer and prepare your data through instant access to fact for an unlimited number of users.

Reduce Ownership Costs

Take advantage of your data’s value with no hardware investments: we take care of maintenance and data management.

Make Decisions Faster

View Your Performance Instantly

Easily create your own performance indicators and monitor them in personalized dashboards that are always up to date.

Evaluate your Standards’ Efficiency

Instantly check that your production standards always let you meet your goals.

Measure Your Potential for Improvement

Estimate quickly how much you can improve on each of your goals using your latest production information.

Make Progress through Collaboration

Ensure your teams work efficiently in reaching shared goals through coherent and concerted actions.

Optimize Your Process

Think Differently!

Most people focus on solving problems. However, if you want to be more efficient, you need to identify your best performing operating conditions and reproduce them so that you regularly obtain your best results.

Innovate through analysis

Use the power of a revolutionary data-mining tool with Hypercube analysis that provides applicable solutions based on all of your data.

Identify optimal settings

Get all of your factual improvement solutions and adjust them to your constraints. Conduct an impact study on your historical data so you can take action confidently.

Find solutions through data mining

Forget complex statistical analysis. Use your data to get quick answers to your questions and efficiently conduct analyses that focus on your goals.

Run Your Factory as keen as possible

Follow your production in real time

Stabilize your process using real-time control room display of your performance rules. Manage your rules in the cloud and send them instantly to monitoring screens.

React in a Flash

Constantly monitor your process’s key parameters and be alerted as soon as there are any discrepancies with your standard.

Reduce Product Changeover Times

Minimize product changeover times by anticipating the new settings. Monitor the transition precisely and get things right the first time.

Develop and Share Knowledge

Quickly find solutions using historical data. Help your production operators make best use of know-how and share best practices.