Smart Industries 2018: come and discover the augmented plant at Braincube’s booth

Braincube will be present at Smart Industries 2018 event from March 27th to 30th in Parc des Expositions in Paris North – Villepinte.


Meet us on the occasion of the 3rd edition of this essential French Event dedicated to the Industry of the Future.

Our company will be present again at this event to talk to you about Artificial Intelligence for Industry, IOT Edge Analytics, Manufacturing Intelligence… but also, to make you live an unprecedented virtual experience …

Also available in preview showing, the new edition of the Manufacturing Intelligence International Magazine:

Connected Factory #3 : Autonomous factory we are the engine – The AI ISSUE

Find us at Hall 3 – booth 3J48.

Don’t know Smart Industries yet? Here is a little look back on the previous edition:


Braincube, the world standard of Artificial Intelligence for Industry

The Big Data is depicted as a new valuable resource of manufacturing intelligence. However these data aren’t the real gold of this new digital eldorado.


The new rush to the digital West rest on digital data from computer systems or automated machines, the Big Data.

It may surprise you to read that: in themselves, these data – so valuable that they need to be kept in a “data lake” – aren’t the true wealth. Applications and their technologies are the real prize.

These are the real gold nuggets, which by their uses, can deliver a very great value for the users. Encoders are the new pioneers who sift through data flows.

Data reaches us automatically via Cloud platforms, and enable us to refine our ideas through data mining, involving ever more enthusiastic users.

At Braincube, we were the first

By connecting our clients’ factories, by offering revolutionary data analysis tools, we knew we were in the process of launching a vast refinery for our own purposes.
And that one day, this unique exploitation of industrial data by our applications would lead to a rush toward the untapped fields of increased productivity.

We lead the way by offering something that hadn’t yet been envisaged, and we created a new era. The emergence of applications shakes up everything, and new leaders emerge from this volatile buzz.

Braincube now holds the position of world standard of AI for Industry.

New clients contact us every day to find out more. And suppliers from the old Industry 3.0 world, partner with us to exploit this momentum. We lead the way and carry the most avant-garde solution providers with us on this epic journey. Together, we will surpass all expectations of Industry 4.0.

Laurent Laporte
Co-founder and COO of Braincube


Braincube Success Story : Laurent Sellier (Smurfit Kappa) testifies in « La papeterie » newspaper

In its 2018 february-march issue – n°353-, the French magazine dedicated to the Pulp, Paper, Board, Corrugated & Tissue Industry, published an interview with Laurent Sellier, Braincube user.


Laurent Sellier, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Smurfit Kappa “Paper” Europe

Braincube has long guided several plants of the Smurfit Kappa group, at the time their primary objective was to solve specific problems, today it’s a line management tool. After 10 years of collaboration, Laurent Sellier looks back on the work accomplished together.

Entitled “Braincube could become a tool for benchmarking quality“, this article is an excerpt from the focus « Automation/Maintenance IOT – Internet Of Things ». (This interview was originally published in “Connected Factory International Magazine #2” in March 2017)

On this occasion, Laurent Sellier – Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Smurfit Kappa “Paper” Europe – looks back on his Braincube experience:

« It [Braincube – Editor’s note] enabled us to identify a whole raft of problems, probably more quickly than if we hadn’t been using it. So we transformed the slow and difficult installation process into one that was a lot more efficient. »


« We told ourselves that Braincube had been very efficient at fixing a serious problem. So we asked ourselves what would happen if we used it to give us a bigger edge in factories that were already highly efficient, to optimize process that is operating just a little below capacity. »

The entire article is available in pdf format  (in french) : Braincube could become a tool for benchmarking quality

The original publication in Connected Factory Magazine is available here: Braincube offers something few companies offer


What’s the Future in AI for P&P Manufacturing Plants?

Laurent Laporte, COO and co-founder of Braincube, will answer to this question on the next March 06 during his conference « Tony Stark Needs Jarvis to Run Iron Man. What’s the Future in AI for P&P Manufacturing Plants?  » at RISI Barcelona event.

Our company, pioneer in AI applied for Industry and in manufacturing intelligence, currently supports 300 Paper Machines, Pulp lines and Utilities in 25 countries, including IP, UPM, Smurfit Kappa, DS Smith,  Domtar, Klabin.

In reference with this experience, Laurent Laporte will speak at the next European RISI conference:

Applied AI started to support daily operations in P&P plants 10 years ago.

Today, after a decade of successful application, what can we expect today? And what’s next before 2020?

What are the real impact of bigdata, advanced analytics, real time costing, live prescription?

How does it affect the way we run process lines?

How can we define the perfect project for every plant?

What criteria to maximize the ROI?

Let’s have a full review of the current landscape and understand how we can leverage applied AI for achieving predictive optimized performance.

Following this speech, Laurent Laporte will also participate to discussions about Industrial IoT. These discussions will aim to present what has already been achieved, what is just around the corner, and where we are headed with digital transformation

Pulp, paper and board producers, working in conjunction with suppliers are pushing the boundaries of data management, achieving significant results.

The effects are increased efficiency of operations, reduction of machine downtimes, and a ROI that excites investors.

Yet, we are still at the beginning stages of what is ultimately possible…

Find the complete program of conferences: RISI – European Conference – Barcelona


The « 2018 Braincube Recruitement Program »

Braincube is launching its recruitment program for 2018 to support its hypergrowth and welcome new talents from all around the world to France.



« We affirm our ambition to become a global champion of artificial intelligence at the service of industrial performance, while keeping our start-up spirit and our regional roots. » summarizes Hélène Olphe-Galliard, co-funder and Chief Sales Officer at Braincube.

This vast international recruitment campaign is part of our company’s strategy to recruit some twenty different profiles in order to make artificial intelligence for industry progress.

Researchers, engineers and technicians whose joint work will be totally dedicated to the artificial intelligence sector applied to industry.

– Mathematics and artificial intelligence PhD
– JAVA and JS Front end and back end Developers
– UX designers
– Industrial engineer or process engineer
– Data architect
– …

Find all our job offers on our page dedicated to this program: Braincube Recruitment Program

Join us!


Women Equity National Chart 2017 : Braincube coming in third place in the ranking of the 50 SMEs


This eighth edition took place in Paris on November 30th 2017 and the 50 best women-led SMEs’ with attractive growth outlooks were rewarded.

Braincube was placed third in this ranking.

Please see below the portrait of Helene Olphe-Galliard, co-founder of Braincube (French version):

To access an online version of Braincube presentation (French version): Braincube presentation, laureate ranking of the Women Equity 2017

To read the press release of Women Equity (French version): Press Release Women Equity 2017

To view the Women Equity National Chart 2017 booklet (French version): Women Equity National Chart Booklet 2017


Braincube : « A.I. reshuffling the cards of human jobs » according to Arts & Métiers Mag

In the November 2017 issue of the magazine Arts & Métiers Mag, in a special feature “Machine learning / Expert”, find the interview of Laurent Laporte, co-founder of Braincube, on the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the industry and its potential consequences.

To read the entire article (French version) : Arts&Métiers Mag – Article from November 1st 2017 – n395


AFNOR Certifications ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001

AFNOR Certification certifies that the management system implemented by BRAINCUBE (IP LEANWARE SARL) has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 and of ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013.

There are developed on the following locations:


The certification of systems concerns the organizational structure and working methods put in place to ensure consistent quality of products and services.


Braincube: almost 95% of users who participated in the on-line survey would personally recommend Braincube

As part of our continuous improvement approach, Braincube launched last June an insight survey towards its customers, to which more than 150 users answered. Almost 95% of Braincube users who answered stated that they could personally recommend it and more than 86% users declared a “good” and even an “excellent” satisfaction level regarding their collaboration with Braincube.

Some comment areas were provided so that users could express their expectations and suggest some improvement points. Beside these very good results, the answers will help Braincube to meet more precisely its customers’ needs.