Gartner names Braincube “Cool Vendor 2019


We were named “Cool Vendor” in 2019 by GARTNER, the world leader in IT research and consulting. GARTNER analysts have identified and selected Braincube from hundreds of global companies as the emerging solution that is shaking the industry 4.0

Since 2004, GARTNER has published a series of research reports highlighting a selective and limited list of companies known for their innovative products and impacting on their business. This new 2019 report, entitled “Cool Vendors in Manufacturing Operations”, presents the main conclusions and recommendations for companies in the field of advanced analysis, IOT and cloud computing. The Braincube solution has been noticed alongside 3 companies in the world, as the most relevant and efficient in its market. After the October 2018 fundraiser, this new global award recognizes Braincube as a recognized and approved leader in the Manufacturing Intelligence ecosystem.


Simon Jacobson, and Scot Kim, analysts at Gartner: “Plants with complex manufacturing processes, in heavily equipped and automated production environments, with a strong culture of lean production systems will be best placed to benefit from the advantages of Braincube… »

“Braincube should also be of interest to companies that need to unlock the potential of their process engineers, quality controllers and other plant members, by freeing them from Excel. They can do this by providing production teams with tools to perform their own sophisticated analyses and analytical reports without the intervention of specialists…”

Laurent Laporte, President of Braincube: “Braincube is a real pioneer in the digital transformation of production plants since 2007. Gartner, which recently discovered our global footprint in the industrial world, now recognizes our technological leadership and market leadership with this appointment. For years now, we have been anticipating all the analysts’ predictions with our solutions and achievements, and again this year, we will announce the start of a new stage in the transformation with the start-up of the first autonomous plants. More than ever, Braincube is transforming the industry! »