Braincube, partner of the 2016 SMART INDUSTRIES exhibition, and official sponsor of the conferences, from the 6th to the 9th of December, 2016

Find us in Paris Nord Villepinte for the second edition of Smart Industries, a unique event dedicated to the industry of the future.

With the support of “Convergence for the Industry of the Future” and sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic, Smart Industries 2016, it is more than 7,000 visitors, 300 exhibitors and 4 days on the Connected Smart Factory’s theme.

Braincube, leader of Manufacturing Intelligence, is the sponsor and official partner of the conferences program:

You can also find us on stand H37.


Braincube guest of Siemens France

On November 29, Siemens France “Forum Management 2016” was held, during which start-ups were invited to exhibit innovative digitization solutions to the group.

It is on this occasion that Sylvain Rubat du Mérac – Co-founder of Braincube – presented our company and our manufacturing intelligence solution (in French):

Braincube – Forum Management 2016 Siemens – France


OJI Papers and Braincube testify to their success at the OSIsoft conference

On the occasion of the OSIsoft LATAM 2016 conference held on 7 and 8 June last at São Paulo in Brazil, our client OJI Papers as well as our Brazil team shared a case study that perfectly reflects how Braincube and PI System complement each other.


Lincoln Tsuruta, OJI Papéis Especiais, and Patrice Le Luel, Braincube Brésil, were able to present to the conference-goers their project for optimising the specific consumption of the chemical products used in the paper production process.

Braincube, in relation with PI System, has enabled real time monitoring to be carried out of the key consumption variables inside the operational limits (objective), in addition to the development of a project for optimising the application of the formula on the paper thanks to using Braincube’s Big data analysis tool that enables the data from PI System’s infrastructure to be analysed.

Download the presentation (in Portuguese): Otimização do Consumo Específico dos Químicos Utilizados no Processo Produtivo do Papel


Braincube: Strong Growth and Important Partnerships. Looking Back on 2015

Braincube ends 2015 with double-digit growth and a major partnership network.

2015With close to 30% growth and sales topping €5.3 million, Braincube continues to expand strongly in Europe (+35%), the USA and Brazil.

Increasingly integrated in major industrial groups where it is already used on a regular basis in many plants, Braincube also benefits from important partnerships with groups like Cap Gemini and Engie, who propose our solution as the Manufacturing Intelligence standard.

OSIsoft also confirmed its trust in our solution in 2015 when it invited several of our clients to share their greatest successes with PI and Braincube at its User Conferences organized around the world.

So, Braincube is pleased to close its seventh year on a positive note, and to look forward to even more favorable prospects for 2016.


Braincube Presented Again at an OSIsoft Conference

At the « Global USA OSIsoft Users Conference » from April 28 to May 1, 2015, in San Francisco, our client Klabin was invited to present a concrete application of the PI system in combination with our decision-making and action infrastructure.

Thiago Raddatz - Klabin

Thiago Raddatz – Klabin

So, at « Industry Intelligence Day » on April 29, Thiago Raddatz presented Klabin’s steam consumption reduction project for its liquor evaporation process using Braincube based on data made available by PI.

Following OSIsoft’s Latin America regional seminar in September 2014, this is the second time Kablin has presented how it has stabilized and improved its process by using the PI system in conjunction with Braincube infrastructure.

Download Klabin’s presentation: Creating value with Data Analysis and the PI System Infrastructure, Klabin


Braincube supports ASM Clermont Auvergne rugby team

Our company has joined the « Entreprises ASM en mêlées » association, which supports the ASM Clermont Auvergne professional rugby team.

Entreprises ASM en mêlées

Entreprises ASM en mêlées

Established in 2007, this association now has over 220 corporate members from small, family-owned firms to international corporations.

The goal of this club is obviously to promote the team and its players, but also to bring together the partner companies in a spirit of sportsmanship, friendship and sharing.

For its members, « Entreprises ASM en mêlées » is an essential meeting place for cementing professional, sports and friendly ties.

In partnership with, Braincube developed a Big Data cloud application centralizing and analyzing preparation, health and sports data for the team. Now, we are confirming our commitment to ASM Clermont Auvergne by joining its association.

For more information on our commitments, visit: We sponsor


Braincube joins ANRT

Our company is now a member of the « Association Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie », a French association that brings together major R&D players as well as public and private partners.



Since its creation in 1953, ANRT has worked to improve the efficiency of the French research and innovation system, through three main actions:

  • Its FutuRIS (Research Innovation Society) platform, which monitors the French research and innovation system worldwide
  • Applying industrial training through research agreements (CIFRE), which provide subsidies to companies hiring doctoral students for research partnerships with public laboratories
  • Managing a “European” information and assistance service to help private and public R&D players take full advantage of regional, national and European public policies for research and innovation

After it became a member of AFNOR, our company has once again committed to innovative projects with official French bodies.


2014 More Power, More Loyal Clients

Braincube (IP Leanware) is pleased to see 2014 end on a very positive note in terms of both technology and growth.



With growth continuing in the double digits and over 90% client loyalty in 2014, Braincube generated sales of over €4M, and is looking ahead to 2015 with even stronger growth where it already installed and beyond as well.

Our company conducted many initiatives throughout the year to continue to push back Braincube’s technological limits, including a major project: migrating to a new server hosting data center that is now 100% owned by the company, offering even more Internet speed for ultra-fast data flows.

Braincube will now be able to increase its activity 100-fold in terms of hosting and computing power, with more copies of backup data in case one or more servers are altered, to guarantee safer and more secure activity.

This project puts our company in a position to deploy Braincube in all of the industrial groups where it is already used in one or more factories, and to welcome massive numbers of new clients.



Braincube also approached Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, and publisher of the Magic Quadrant. Braincube expects from this collaboration the best coaching to achieve massive growth as the the leader in Cloud Manufacturing Intelligence.


Braincube member of the OPC Foundation

Our company is now a member of the OPC Foundation, which oversees all activities involving OPC.

OPC Foundation

OPC Foundation

The OPC Foundation is responsible for developing and maintaining the OPC standard, an standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors

The OPC Foundation is the most comprehensive resource for all things related to OPC. Companies, universities and other standards organizations have joined the OPC Foundation.

Braincube (IP Leanware) has joined this foundation in order to gain access to these resources and thereby stay up to date with OPC technology.


Klabin presents its best PI and Braincube results at the Osisoft conference

At the most recent OSIsoft regional seminar in Latin America, Klabin presented a concrete case of process stabilization and improvement by pairing the PI system and Braincube.

Thiago Raddatz Klabin

Thiago Raddatz Klabin

On September 2, Sérgio Felipe and Thiago Raddatz from Klabin Otacílio Costa and Klabin Correia Pinto presented a concrete case that took full advantage of the PI system’s data infrastructure through Braincube’s data analysis.

By using the PI system and Braincube, the efficiency of evaporation was improved when recovering cooking liquor from paper pulp.

Klabin presented its results at every stage, from an efficiency analysis of the previous method, to monitoring the new rules to be applied, and highlighting impacting variables:

Download Klabin’s presentation (in Portuguese): Increasing evaporation plant efficiency, Klabin